Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Beginners' Course 2010

We will be running our beginners course for eight weeks from Monday 19th April 7.00 – 8.30pm location details
Picture 36.png

Bitterne Park Social Club, 
76 Manor Farm Rd,
Bitterne Park,
SO18 1NQ

location details

The course sessions will not be held on bank holidays, and will run in total until 21st June 2010

We will have a mix of running sessions which gradually build up your stamina and expertise

We will have a set of speakers throughout the course who will give you insights into various aspects of running including clothing, safety, health and diet

We will have a final fun run for you to calibrate your progress

We will have a social celebration with food and drink after the fun run on the final evening or the course

We will help you prepare for the Race for Life or the Great South

We will welcome you to our regular club nights and club runs

We will give you a membership card which affiliates you to England Athletics and gains discounts at local sports stores and extends your membership until 31 December 2010

We will try to live up to our motto of running for fun, friendship and fitness

Meanwhile, why not take a look through the pages which were posted in association with the last course

As in previous years we will be providing an interesting programme of guest speakers to accompany a carefully crafted schedule of gentle training runs designed to help get you fit enough to manage a 5k fun run at the end of the course. Its a chance for runners to get to know the club and for absolute beginners to get into the running habit - so much cheaper than gym membership!

Its all good fun, and this will be the 16th year that the course has been held. There are experienced coaches plus plenty of already established runners from Running Sisters on hand to help get you up to speed.

"We have new runners of all ages, shapes and sizes join our course". says club chair Su White, who is also one of the coaches. "Our approach is really practical, giving down to earth advice and providing support from other runners who were themselves beginners a few year's ago. Our speakers cover topics like stretching, massage and physiotherapy, women's health, safe running, plus advice of diet, clothing and footwear. There is a fun run and celebratory supper at the end of the course, and miraculously we usually manage to get the weather to keep fine as well!"